I got my start in music when I was about five years old and my parents signed me up for piano lessons. Being a typical five-year-old, I was excited at first but after a few months, I lost interest and I somehow convinced my parents to let me quit. I played other instruments as a kid, but it wasn’t till I was about 12 and someone gave me a cheap guitar that I realized just how much I loved making music. 

I began to write my own music and soon found a friend who did the same. We did the whole garage band thing for a while, but his family eventually moved to Amsterdam and that was it for the band. I began to work on my own, writing music and playing at coffee houses or open mics or anywhere I could get an audience. I even played for friends in the parking lot near the local IHOP a few times. 

However, college was calling my name and I soon moved away from the Chicago area and out to rural Western Pennsylvania to go to school. There wasn’t much of a music scene there and my focus soon drifted to other things (as they often do while one is in college). After a few years, I graduated school and went into my chosen field as a part-time pastor and full time network engineer. Those years were very busy but I never lost my interest in playing or writing music. 

As a pastor, I got to perform both originals and covers at church, and got to play with many other talented musicians. In the spring of 2017, I decided to take a break from the demanding schedule of pastoring and stepped down from my position. That fall I ended up moving to Baltimore where I decided to start playing music again. A friend and I formed the band Cryptic Hearts and we began playing gigs throughout Harford County, Baltimore, and D.C. In the spring of 2019 we decided to spend some more time working on solo music and pursuing our own individual styles. 

Depending on the venue, I generally play acoustic covers from alternative bands in the 90’s, as well as some classic and hard rock songs. I also play some more mellow tunes as well. While I play mostly acoustic guitar, I’ve recently found a new love for my first instrument, the piano, and I have been steadily adding keyboard-based songs to my repertoire. I also throw an original or two into my set lists on occasion. 

My musical influences range from groups like Stone Sour, Green Day, and Creedence Clearwater Revival to singer/song writers like Ed Sheeran. I enjoy adding new influences and I really enjoy sharing music with those around me. There is nothing more enjoyable to me than to see people get up and start dancing or singing along while I am playing a gig. Music brings me joy, but being able to share music with others and enjoying it together is my real passion.

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